Hello world! yay!

I totally bless God for the internet. I feel truly blessed to have a medium where I can fully express myself and have my views broadcast to the world. I thank my audience in advance, and I wish us wonderful times together.

@ the confused reader, know that God is not the author of confusion and that you need to let go of all outside interference and listen to what your heart is telling you.

@ the aggrieved, may God give you the fortitude to bear whatever loss it is that you’ve suffered. Also remember that no matter how painful, this too shall pass away. Please find reasons to be grateful.

@ the angry, know that things are meant to be used and people are meant to be loved. Do not let your anger consume you. Also be careful what you say at this point, because like the Yoruba proverb says, ‘Eyin l’oro’- this means that words are like eggs. Once broken, they cannot be put back together again. Put on some music or eat chocolate. You’ll be fine.

@ the lonely one, you need to go out and make some friends. You could start with a fish or a dog or a canary. Little by little you’ll get there. Just smile more often and never lose an opportunity to go out and get some fresh air.

@ the downtrodden, don’t give anyone the permission to make you feel small. Anyone who is rude, selfish or hurtful, is the one with the problem. Recognise that, and treat him or her with indifference. If it is your boss, be obeidient and learn to keep your distance. You’ll be fine in the end.

@ the worried, you are making a down payment on a problem that you might never have. Why worry when you can pray? Think of the worst case scenario and hold your peace. Turn your focus to something else. You shall be just fine.

In all afflictions, look to Christ ‘the author and finisher of our faith’. When you look away from him, you see only your problems. Guess what, they are magnified too. Be calm and strong. You shall overcome.

To the happy and free spirited, I rejoice with you. There is no greater blessing than this. Keep on attracting great things into your lives through your happiness. Continue to find reasons to be happy. There are so so so many in this world. Let us focus on them and dwell in joy.

Once again, hello world!

Peace y’all,

Yinka Owolabi


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