Romance is…

…in the air for sure.
The town is overcome by a flood of the colour red. Shops are overflowing with roses and flowers of every kind. Several valentine packages are being advertised on billboards, valentine planners have been calling my phone. Yes valentine planners, that is a business now.
Its the first of February and I am driving to work. More like crawling. The traffic is gangsta! I am grateful because it is giving me time to think hard!I am totally clueless as to what to do for my wife this valentine. I got her a cake last year and she had seemed very disappointed. She on the other hand, had gone out of her way to buy me an i Pad. I had appreciated it, in fact I had been blown over. I shake my head vigorously, once again making excuses to no one in particular. I know I messed up. The truth is, I was busy and I kept putting the issue off. This will be our first valentine’s day together as husband and wife and I have to make it special. She had let it slip sometime ago that she didn’t think I was romantic. I still recall the look on her face and for a moment there it seemed her mouth had gotten screwed up and her face bunched up as derision was seeping out of her being and her eyes were expressing disgust as she mouthed the word ‘boring’. Actually that was my imagination running away with me.
Honestly I love my wife. I had been afraid of commitment because I felt waking up beside the same girl would be boring. It turns out that for the last eight months, I wake up just because I want to see her beautiful face.
From the corner of my eye, I spy a pretty girl in her G-wagon, checking me out. Most of them do. I pay her no mind as I have more serious things to think about. Don’t get it twisted. I do let my eyes stray on a daily basis. When I see a pretty girl I look. I’m no saint. But my wife…I really dig her. Maybe because she so sexy. I tap my head willing myself to concentrate.
I assume I’ll have to get a cake, a bottle of perfume…on BB, I have seen broadcasts claiming that women like to get fake hair as gifts. I don’t know about that. I let out a deep breath and turn on the radio. The host’s voice blares out at me and she is cackling. Someone is suggesting that he’ll give his girlfriend a long kiss for valentine’s day. That’s not funny to me and I’m wondering what the host is high on. Chalk powder I’m sure.
I switch to another station and the host is asking, “what does romance mean to you?” People are calling in and saying what they feel. Romance is bliss, sultry and seductive, love, companionship, joy, spontaneous… I don’t know if I agree with these people. My wife thinks that romance is dramatic. I try to imagine what I can do that would fit that description.
Joe starts playing on the radio . The sound steals into the car and surrounds me “the Jacuzzi is just about ready for us…all I wanna do right now is love her down, I don’t give a damn about who hears the sound.”
It hits me. Why hadn’t I thought of it before. I know exactly what to do!
A weeknight adventure!

To be continued…

Copyright 2012 Owolabi Deborah Adeyinka


1 thought on “Romance is…”

  1. Hahaha can’t wait to read the end of this one 😉 My husband got me a necklace for my birthday, don’t get me wrong it was great, but I don’t wear necklaces. I thought he knew! He felt so bad that he got me a pair of silver earrings later on…which I love and rock constantly now. Yes they do put it off & yes they do not pay as much attention as we women would like them too!

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