Romance is… Part 2

Getting the slime off cat fish is hard work! It is the first weekend of the month and as usual I am doing some heavy cooking. I have bought cat fish because I would like to give my darling husband a treat; catfish pepper soup. I ought to have started a trail of treats since the first day of the month but I have been a little discouraged. It is easy for me to do romantic things thanks to a lifetime’s worth of romance novels, but my husband, I’m afraid, needs a lot of help. Nothing hurts and de-motivates a woman more than knowing that her man won’t come up with anything imaginative to celebrate a day that she considers to be special.

I would like to do something unique for my sweetheart on Val’s day. If it is an opportunity to show more love and keep the sparks flying, why the hell not?
I slipped a love note in the back pocket of his jeans yesterday. I knew he would find it there. He did. I am proud to say that he showed his appreciation later that night (wink).
I’ll confess I got that tip from one of my colleagues at work. We had been sharing Val plans after work earlier on in the week and someone let it slip that she had a fourteen day plan for her husband. A strategically placed love note was the first of them. Another colleague, Sandra, a tall, leggy, beautiful lady had a very peculiar case. Of her three boyfriends, she was trying to decide which of them she would spend val’s day with. We teased and laughed as she outlined each one’s virtues. At last she decided she would spend the day with the ‘highly endowed’ one (if you know what I mean).

I think romance is drama. It should be a mind blowing experience. Something you will remember and shiver from pure excitement. An unexpected package. I would like to see some men appear at my gate singing ballads or find a collection of my favourite songs playing in my room while my Adonis pleases me by encircling my waist and whispering in my ear while we do a slow seductive dance around the room. I sigh as I imagine a child reading out the finest poetry outside my bedroom window. I would love to have something striking, something so tangible I can touch it. Maybe a get away, a night on the town…an adventure!!!

As I put pepper soup ingredients into a pot of boiling water, I pray earnestly that my husband makes my Valentine’s day a special one.

Copyright 2012 Owolabi Deborah Adeyinka


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