Romance is… Part 3

Please read the prequels Romance is…1 and 2.

I get off talking with my sister-in-law. She knows the deal and is still down with it. At least the kids will be in the care of someone they are used to. I wonder why the young lady is still single. Surely there must be some guy…well if that was the case, she wouldn’t have agreed to the plan. Details are fine-tuned and ready to go!
I don’t think I have forgotten anything. Or have I?

I had to enlist the help of a female friend of mine to help plan. Full of ideas and eager to help, it seemed her imagination would run away with her several times. I smile inwardly thinking of possible reactions my wife could have to what I have setup.
On my table at the office is a single long stemmed rose. I sit staring at it for a few minutes. Finally I put it aside deciding it must be a mistake. Probably intended for someone else.
Watching my colleagues, I notice that they all seem to be walking with a certain spring to their step. It is amazing how important Valentine’s day has become nowadays. The fuss about it seems to increase with each year that passes. Another female colleague winks at me as she strolls by, I ignore her and concentrate on a long overdue report. Finishing my task, a new email arrives in my inbox. Its from my wife. I won’t share the details. I will only say that my wife has a way with words, and the mail makes me wish for the evening very quickly. I finally realize where the rose came from. Very touching! I dig into my work. The day goes on. I’m a little agitated as it seems I won’t be able to leave on time to surprise my wife, who seems to have some surprises in store for me too! The chauffeur leaves right on time. He should arrive at my wife’s office at six, just as she is stepping out.

I have to rush off to buy take-out in GRA. I’m going to surprise my husband by getting chinese for dinner. I already got a cake so all that is left on my checklist is food and a good bottle of wine. I didn’t do too much at work today, obviously! Congratulating myself on getting out of the office at five thirty, I am vexed to find lots of traffic on Allen Avenue. Big surprise. I have to console myself with the sweet kiss my husband and I shared this morning as he dropped me off at work. Sigh. That man,sef!

It’s already fifteen past six when I arrive at GRA. As I get out of the cab my phone rings.
“Hey beautiful,” he drawls. My heart skips a beat. He may have something up his sleeve..I dismiss the notion and calmly ask “Baby, what’s up?”

“Where are you? Are you closing late today?”

“No baby,” I am still at the office, I lie.
“I think you should step outside the office for a bit.”

At this my heart starts beating fast. Is he outside my office?

“Baby, what’s outside?”

“Just come out and stop asking questions. Its a surprise!”
“Err.. I’m not at the office. I lied. I’m at a Chinese restaurant getting us dinner..”

“Oh boy.” What do I do? My wife is not at the pick up point. Not good. Not good. I’m thinking fast.
“Have you got the food yet?” I ask.
“Good. Give me the address. The chauffeur will come get you.”

“Chauffeur?! You sent someone to pick me up from work?! Oh My God! What do you have planned? Where are we going? What…”

“Take it easy baby. Just wait a while, OK?” I say. Trying to keep her excitement down because I fear I might not live up to her expectations.
I call the chauffeur who had been dutifully waiting outside my wife’s office to inform him of the change in plans.
I am a little disturbed by this. I had planned on calling her so she would go outside her office thinking I was there only to meet a strange person with instructions to take her to the place.
I call the place to find out if everything is in order.

I’m so thrilled! Sending a chauffeur to my office is the most romantic thing my husband has ever done for me. Honestly, I am blown away! I start to wish the chauffeur comes in a rented car. Now that would be nice! A limo maybe. I am so excited! The chauffeur arrives after a long wait and he is driving my husband’s Toyota. I’m not complaining, I still think it’s romantic. Its already eight o clock when we pull up at a very secluded area. The building is hidden in a very quiet corner on the island, almost covered by plants. The fountain at the entrance is breathtaking. There is what looks like a statue of Cupid right in the middle of all that flowing water. I start to wonder if the place was built with Valentine’s day in mind. I step out of the car in awe. The chauffeur gets out too, locks the car, bows and hands me the keys. I watch him walk away and wonder what is next. I think I’ll get some liqueur. The excitement is making me a little giddy. As I sit, I call my kids to know what time the school bus dropped them off.
“Mum have you gotten to the place?” My ten year old daughter inquires.
“What place?”
“Auntie Bimpe says you and daddy are going to celebrate Valentine’s somewhere special”
“Yes I am there. Give the phone to your auntie please”
“Yes mum. Have fun.”
I am wondering just how much information Bimpe has given the children.
“Bimpe, what is going on?”
“Sis, I so envy you right now. Your husband has planned…” She goes on excitedly.
At that moment I remember the cake. I already had it delivered at home.
“Bimpe, please give the kids some cake and take care of them for me OK? We’ll be home soon.”
“Yes Sis. But I thought you would be spending the night there”
“What!” How would I get back to work.
“Oh! I shouldn’t have said anything. I thought you had seen him already. Bye sis. I have to hang up now!”
She hangs up as I am calling her name. What harebrained idea does he have up his sleeve? It’s Val’s day quite alright but it is a week day. There will be work tomorrow. I am still mulling this over when a young man approaches me.
“Mrs Young?” he asks.
He gives me a note. It is in my husband’s handwriting.

My Darling,

I am terribly sorry I can’t be there welcome you. You’ll be given the keys to our chalet. I’ll join you as soon as I can.



My heart melts and the logistic issues I’d been chewing on fly out of my head. The young man hands me the keys and leads me through a thick garden to a cluster of chalets. They are very cute little buildings and ours is right in the middle. I had no idea my husband could come up with such a well laid out plan. There are flowers everywhere I turn. I wish I could sit on the stairs and inhale their perfume.
Once inside, I look around, finding a bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice and rose petals scattered all over the bed. Woo-hoo!

I am soaking in the bath tub when my husband walks in. He has never looked more handsome. He sits at the foot of the tub and I stare longingly at his chest through his unbuttoned shirt. He seems a little tired but smiles lovingly.

After giving him a massage, having the most beautiful dinner, discovering a bottle of perfume under the pillow, sipping champagne…
I’ll end it by saying the night was the most magical fairy tale. I got to work late the next day and so did my husband, but I had a glow that lasted the entire day.

Copyright 2012 Owolabi Deborah Adeyinka


4 thoughts on “Romance is… Part 3”

  1. Abegi joor

    I hope there are not too many women reading this o…this kind of thing puts pressure on us men!!! What’s wrong with chocolate, flowers, and a Blackberry Porsche?! Haha.

    As usual, interesting piece Goldie…

  2. it’s so beautifully crafted..the narratives well paved…you could almost walk through it with the characters into their world of blissfull ecstasy. Well done

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