How to choose a gift for your woman

Considering giving a gift for any occasion gives the impression that you care. The thought alone should suffice regardless of what you buy. Unfortunately, this doesn’t hold true for most ladies. They care what you buy and just might be disappointed if you miss the mark. Buying presents for your favorite girl shouldn’t bring on a headache.
Here a five simple tips that are guaranteed to lead you to the perfect gift.

  • Identify her fetish

Every girl has a fetish. Some love underwear, some fragrances, bags, shoes, cosmetics, clothes, hair, Jewelry, sweets the list is inexhaustible. To figure out what she loves, answer these questions. What does she have an outrageous amount of? What does she rave about? What is she always hoping to get more of?

  • Identify her style

Some girls are simply romantic. They don’t care how expensive, how unique or how beautiful your gift is, they just want an adventure. Some are religious and would prefer gifts that enhance their spiritual experience. Some love to collect things; stamps, coins, paintings , sea shells and so on. With such girls, you can be sure that they would scream if you were thoughtful enough to find a unique item that they would love to collect.

  • Research

Once you have identified her fetish or style, you need to know how to get the best or at least one of the best of her favorite things for her. You could go shopping on-line or off-line, whichever is easier for you. If she loves a particular designer, you could search for one of his or her latest designs. This is safer as you might not have an eye for such things and you need to impress.
If she is a collector, you might find yourself at the sea shore searching for shells. Showing your love this way would require sacrifice. Trust me, if you get it right, she will make effort worth your while.

  • Get help

Never hesitate to enlist the help of another girl. Ask her mother, her sister or friend. The informant could either suggest what she would like as she would know your girl better or help you ask what your girl would prefer. Ensure that you appeal to your informant to be discreet as one little slip could spoil the surprise. The surprise is a very integral part of gift giving.
Also note that her friend or mother might know where she gets her favorite items from. This could go a long way in simplifying your search.

  • If all else fails, ask her

Asking your girl what gift she would like, is the lamest thing you could do. It would be a sure fire way to know her preferences, hence very reliable. Of course, that would spoil the surprise and take away all the fun. Don’t ask her if you can help it. If you must ask, do it a very long time before you intend to give the gift. You could ask what she would like for Christmas in January. She is likely to have forgotten that discussion way before Christmas.
Please note that what you buy is only almost as important as how you give it.

Happy giving!

Copyright 2012 Owolabi Deborah Adeyinka


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