5 ways to get more sex

…from your woman.

You must be finding it quite frustrating to have to hold it all in when it is threatening to spill out. You can see the dip at her waist and the smooth rise at her hips as she lies quietly with her back to you. You don’t need to be told as you grimace unable to sleep, that it is one of those nights. The “headache” or “not tonight” nights. You wonder what the advantages of being married are anyway. Isn’t it supposed to be filled with wild and unlimited sex with heaven’s backing? You couldn’t get any last night, the night before and then before. Why does everything in life have to be so difficult?

It is very likely that you have realized that your woman doesn’t want as much sex as you do. That is unless you are a very lucky man and your woman is a nymphomaniac. But seriously, what are the odds of that? The truth is, most women need patience and a little bit of help.

Get her to do less

Like it or not, one of the reasons your woman isn’t so interested in sex is because she is tired. Women do quite a lot especially when they’ve got kids. I would advise that you actively get her all the help that you can. Get her a driver and a maid if you can afford to. This will leave her with time and most importantly, the energy she will require to do lots of the naughty. If you cannot afford to hire help, the next point is for you.

Help out

This is a love language that melts the heart of practically every woman. If you’ve got the time, and especially if you don’t, she will appreciate it when you do a few chores for her at home. This shows her that you see that she works hard, you care and you don’t want her to do it alone. Try clearing up after dinner and doing the dishes while she rests her back. Afterwards, give her a slow soothing massage. I don’t need to say where that might end if you know how to…

Work on yourself

Men tend to criticize womens’ bodies especially after a few kids. However, no one seems to care that men get fat, despite never getting pregnant. They have beer bellies and don’t bother to work on their physique. Do men assume that women aren’t visual creatures? Every woman likes the sight of a thickly muscled man in nothing but pants and a bow tie. Women want to run their hands up and down a six pack. They also like firm man boobs and thick muscular thighs. So you might want to lift some weights and hit the gym regularly. Seriously, you don’t have to have the perfect body, just work on it.

Choose your moment

Initiating sex is a big deal for a man especially when he knows that he might be rebuffed. It is therefore necessary to know your woman. Try to figure out when she is most likely to be open. A rainy night could be perfect. Weekends will work better than weekdays, if she is a working woman. Take advantage of her love for one of your fragrances. Be fresh and clean and equally important, skillful with words.

Aim to please

Concentrate on her pleasure and please forget about yourself. You’ll come anyway. The woman however might not. Work with a lot of foreplay. Recognize the zones that make her go “ahhhh” and exploit them while searching for others. When you finally get to the sex proper, work with styles that allow you maximum access to most of her erogenous zones and multi task. Ensure that she comes and then get your fill. With time you’ll find that it’ll get better. She will eventually start to initiate sex because she finds it worth her while.

When your woman starts to tug at your pants, you can congratulate yourself on being a super lover. Getting more sex is a case of “give and it will come back to you”. Good luck.


8 thoughts on “5 ways to get more sex”

  1. Firstly, the line that goes ………….” thickly muscled man in nothing but ‘PANTS’ and a bowtie” …………….. makes for good humor.

    But, don’t u think being creative could help too? Like role playing or makin out in public places?

    Anyway, another nice one Brownie! (y)

  2. so essentially your man does more than his fair share of the house work or you have a fleet of servants, judging by the glow of your face? nice article.

    p.s. I’m not married and not particularly faithful so if “my woman” does pull out the tired card, i’ll find another more obliging candidate.

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