Contemplating suicide…

despair-513529_1920Sometime ago, a young man and former fashion model, was believed to have jumped from a building. Though I had never met this man, I was shaken to my core.

Suicide hits me hard. Perhaps because I am an empath. I wonder what pain the person must have been experiencing. A pain so great that he would decide that the next breath wasn’t worth his while.

Though chemical imbalances in the brain may be the culprit, I suspect this isn’t always the case. Sometimes life can feel overwhelming, especially when one experiences a prolonged spell of misfortune. It is even worse if one lives in a country such as ours-Nigeria. Here, there is hardly any hope that conditions will improve.

Despite this, one must believe that things will get better. It is inside of this belief that the seeds of change are sown. Right there, a new path begins to unfold, regardless of how long or how often one has failed. If you feel so overcome by life’s pointlessness, reach out to a professional. Talk to someone. Please do not bottle it up and do not believe that the world would be better without you. It won’t.

Consider those that will mourn your exit. If you have no mother, you have a father. If you have no father, you have siblings, friends, neighbors and acquaintances. People who love and need you around. Think of how bewildered they would be when they realize that they will never get to see you again because you chose to leave.

Please call, National Suicide Prevention 08000684141.

Don’t bottle up your feelings. Confide in someone today.



Copyright 2017, Deborah A Owolabi


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