My Desk

I cling to my desk, taking a desperate sniff at the dark red mahogany and kissing my computer screen. Common sense grips my ankles like a vice. As she tugs, I hold on harder. I cling to my desk and pretend that I don't see, that baby prefers nanny to me. Guilt wraps her tentacles… Continue reading My Desk


The Pillars of Ray

It was past my bedtime when I stumbled on the movie. I'm not a huge fan of the lead character, (Jamie Foxx) so I was a little reluctant to watch. Curiosity however, got the best of me. I recall watching “The Blues Brothers” when I was much younger. The scene that had Ray Charles in… Continue reading The Pillars of Ray

How to choose a gift for your woman

Considering giving a gift for any occasion gives the impression that you care. The thought alone should suffice regardless of what you buy. Unfortunately, this doesn't hold true for most ladies. They care what you buy and just might be disappointed if you miss the mark. Buying presents for your favorite girl shouldn't bring on… Continue reading How to choose a gift for your woman